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The project

The mind:

Alessandro Giraudo

Alessandro Giraudo is 30 years old and lives in Cuneo. 
In summer 2016, he was going to his GP and thought “Who knows the queue I will find… If only I could book the visit with an app”.

Said than done.

Today that intuition is DoctorApp, an app available for Android and very soon for Ios too.
Alessandro has patented the idea of a slender and efficient system of communication between patients, GPs, pharmacies, hospital facilities and specialized doctors.

Health in your pocket

DoctorApp wants to be a concrete help for patients who deal with every type of pathologies and treatments, whether they are temporary or cronic.

Technology doesn’t aim to abolish human contact, actually DoctorApp wants to assist the doctor-patient relationship by overcoming the small organizational obstacles.

Not a technology lover?

Use the totem settled in the waiting room which emits a ticket with all the booking details.

Doctors Advantages

The app is not only an advantage for the patients: doctors can optimize the management of the clinic through a control panel that allows to see all that happens in the waiting room.

For all the doctors

In fact, DoctorApp addresses all medical facilities with maximum efficiency:

  • Basic doctor
  • Specialized doctor
  • Associated studies of general practitioners and freelancers
  • Polyclinics
  • Clinics
    and so on

For those with one or more secretaries?

DoctorApp does not want to replace the physical figure of the secretary, rather wants to facilitate it in their work by providing services and tools as useful as a single control console to manage reservations and communications of one or more doctors.

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